What are push notifications and how to use them correctly?

Push notifications are small pop-ups on the screen of your device. They can appear on the screen of any device where there is an area of alerts, or there is the possibility of displaying data received from the internet on the screen.

What are the push notifications?

Push ads are short pop-up notifications that appear on the screen of a mobile phone or a regular computer and report important updates and events. When used effectively, these brief informative messages are a powerful marketing tool. The main goal of push ads is to inform users about updates to apps and websites, add new content, or notify of any other events.

Initially, push ads appeared as a method of interaction of mobile applications with mobile device users, but recently the technology of browser push notifications or web push ads has also become very popular.

If we talk about browser push notifications, then these are messages from sites that appear as pop-up windows on the user’s desktop, if the user has given permission to receive them. When clicking on such notification, the user will be redirected to a certain page of the website, from which the notification came.

The push notification itself consists of a header, a picture, a short text, and a link to the sender’s site.

How can browser-based push notifications be of interest to internet marketers and business owners?

First of all, this is an alternative method of forming a subscriber base in comparison with an email list. If you compare email and push notifications, then push notifications have their advantages, namely:

  • Easy to subscribe. To subscribe to push notifications, simply click on one button in the browser’s pop-up window, and the subscription is made.
  • A high percentage of delivery and transitions. According to some estimates, the percentage of delivery of push notifications is up to 90%, and the percentage of visits to sites by push notifications reaches up to 50%.
  • Easy to connect. In order to enable sending push notifications on your website, it’s enough to find the advertising Push notifications network and install only a few lines of code.
  • Convenient to send. You can set up automatic series or send via RSS.

Web push notifications can be used by the internet marketer for different purposes. Here are just a few of the options:

  • Trigger notifications
  • Sales
  • News
  • Reminders
  • Congratulations
  • Events