Run 3 unblocked: the best runner-type flash game online

When looking for an interesting and highly addicting flash game on the web, pay attention to Run 3 unblocked. It’s a famous runner-type game that should avoid dangerous holes and other challenges while running and passing many levels successfully.

Learn to play Run 3 unblocked online

If you like playing runner-type flash games, you’ll definitely like Run 3 unblocked. A grey alien is the main character. The basic task is to trespass the area full of dangers and challenges. It’s a special tunnel in the space, and aliens need to run through it to get to a new planet to live in.

Once you encounter holes or other obstacles, you’ll find yourself lost in the outer space forever. That’s why you need to watch your steps carefully. You’ll have a lot of fun with Run 3 unblocked because of many unique possibilities, such as altering the gravity.

Besides, it’s possible to discover new aliens as you progress in this game. Tap to change their looks or characteristics to improve your chance to pass a particular level with ease. The plot is quite fascinating because it constantly challenges your skills, attention, and mind. Try hard not to waste your lives fast.