JavaScript Mining with

Have you heard anything about mining right on your website? It’s a new feature for everybody who doesn’t afraid of changes. There are special techniques which allow you to paste a script to your website and to gain extra money from the visitors. Some of them are already popular among website administrators and today we’ll talk about one of them.

What is

“Easy way to boost your website revenue up to 50%”, – say developers. Mineralt allows website administrators to get an alternative income. The system was created last year and has already earned customer loyalty. Let’s see into its advantages and operation principle.

As it’s said on the website, you can boost your revenue up to 50-70%. Popup, native and media ads aren’t enough now if you want to reach higher incomes. Mineralt pays its users per solved hash in 24 hours in any way you wish: PayPal, Monero, Sumo, Electroneum, BTC, Webmoney and it’s not a full list. All payments you can get 4-5 days a week and the minimum payout is $5. Your share is 70% and Mineralt’s is 30% which seems to be fair. More info: Best javascript miner WebGL

Does it really work?

Users choose for its consistency with any type of websites and content. Also, they like it because there’s an opportunity to adjust a preferable CPU power for visitors. The amount of money you get depends only on the number of your website visitors and their processor’s power, the more people click on your site and the more powerful computer they use – the bigger your income is.

Why should I choose

First of all, it’s very easy to integrate, just get the script and paste it into your page’s code. Also, the support is highly responsive that’s why all your problems will be resolved immediately. And moreover, the developers offer new features and follow the trends in cryptocurrency mining so you won’t be the one who suffers from the “end of pop-ups era”.