How to overcome sexual boredom in the long-term relationship

Have you ever been tried to eat the same food for some period of time? For example, try eating your most favourite food for a week. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that at the end of this week you would hate the food that used to be your most desired meal.

If one will take this as a metaphor for couple’s sexual life a lot of things would be clear. Just imagine, only one partner for eternity. No wonder that 34% of women loose crave for sex with their partners in one year of relationships. This data shouldn’t scare you but should force you on a search for the solution of this issue. Sexologists suggest few tricks that would revitalize your sexual life.

  • New places. You can organize a sexual adventure in absolutely new place. Awake your sexual arousal by adding some spice of risk. Do it in some unsuitable place like in your friend’s bathroom during a party, in a dressing room, or if it too much for you do it in a motel at least. Whatever you will choose the situation should contain a risk of disclosure.
  • Sex marathon. Use Viagra for ladies to awake your sexual hunger. These pills could really surprise you. Studies show that Viagra for ladies increases women’s ability to reach multiple orgasms and allows women to experience unknown deeps of their sexuality. And, since these magic pills have no side effects it may become a true remedy for your sexual relations.
  • Reveal your most hidden desires. Send him your kinky selfie or write him a letter where you reveal your secret sexual desires. Trust me that the next time you are having sex he will do everything to make them a reality. Your openness may be the best aphrodisiac.