Bestmixer’s Advantages According to Testimonials Comments

Every service is interested in good reviews and pleased users. Today we’ll analyze what people write about btc mixer. We don’t know whether these testimonials were paid or not, we just want to estimate the reliability of this website from the ordinary user’s view.

An option of regulating the process

People note that the level of anonymity can be set by users. It’s true and you can regulate two factors: the pool which you mix coins in and the time of transaction delay. There’re three funds consisting of currency: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The first pool has only clients’ money, the second combines users’ and investors’ coins and the third one is storage of investments. The delay time is set after choosing the type of coin and filling in an address.

A possibility of integrating API

Bestmixer allows integrating its functions to any website for free. The codes for pasting are open and everybody can provide buyers and clients with anonymous transactions. Just follow the instructions from the “API” section and stay in safety.

Intuitive Interface

Almost every review contains words about the website’s simplicity. Open Bestmixer’s site and you’ll see it’s very minimalistic. Blue color dominates and it creates some associations with intelligence, technologies and reliability. Everything is divided into understandable sections so it’s very easy to find necessary information.

It’s not everything we’ve found. Stay tuned to get more reviews and information about Bestmixer. This service is important for cryptocurrency owners, that’s why it’s a must to know its features.